February 12, 2018

WasteInForum 2018


WasteInForum 2018 is an international event in the forum format, in Kyiv, Ukraine, aimed to provide the discussion and networking framework for development of  innovations in waste management practice.

WasteInForum 2018 is aimed to bring new opportunities, technologies and investments into the waste innovation technology market providing a framework for efficient dialog and cooperation of the business, government and local authorities, international organizations, business associations, trade chambers, press, science and education, culture and art, as the best platform for common growth and sustainable development impact for society.

WasteInForum is connecting international community of professionals involved in waste management practice, as well as into the architecture of human environment being a platform aimed to accelerate development of clean environment practice worldwide.

Why is important to participate?

Join us to contribute elaboration of the latest approaches and policies with your opinion and experience getting up to date awareness from the first hands of the leading experts and market operators.

We are gathering this spring on WasteInForum 2018 to discuss the opportunities and prospects in a professional and convenient environment, to define jointly and share the vision of innovations in waste management, development of new vision on deployment of innovations in waste management for personal needs, commercial activity and municipal services in conditions of cities and rural areas, with a positive economic and environmental impact of innovations in waste management practice as a main motivation to enlargement of use.

The dates: April 16 2018

Venue:  Vasyl Lipkivsky Str., 35, Kyiv, Ukraine, State Ecological Academy of Postgraduate Education and Management of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine