February 1, 2018

Keynote Speakers WasteInForum 2018


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Andrii Barsukov
ABA ASTRA, LLC, Project Manager, Expert in waste processing and disposal, specialist in resource recovering recycling technologies
Quentin Boulanger
Energ'East Consulting, President & Principal consultant, Member of the International Association of Energy Economists, Quentin Boulanger founded Energ'East Consulting in late 2015 as an answer to the low rate of usage of technical and financial assistance available in Eastern Europe. Holder a double degree in European studies and energy & environmental economics, Quentin has been present in Ukraine since 2014 where he led several international projects in the spheres of resource efficiency & waste management
Olena Kuchynska
Counsel, Head of Energy, Olena Kuchynska is a Counsel and the Head of Energy in the Kyiv office of Kinstellar, CEE and Central Asia’s leading law firm. Ms Kuchynska has over 15 years of professional experience in law practice, both in private and in public sectors, with a particular focus on energy, oil & gas and environmental sectors. Olena regularly advises foreign investors on various aspects of their activities in Ukraine, including regulatory issues, corporate matters, project development and others. Olena Kuchynka graduated from the Central European University, Budapest, Hungary (LL.M. degree) and the National University of Ostroh Academy, Kyiv, Ukraine (Master Degree in La
Maël Roudaut
Maël Roudaut is Sales Director for the private sector at Ar-Val, a company which designs and produces solutions for waste sorting and treatment. Over his 15 years working for Ar-Val, Maël has acquired substantial experience in sorting technologies for Dry mixed recyclables and Commercial and Industrial waste. Through dialogue with his future clients, Maël works to reach an optimal solution taking into account all the parameters of the project. Maël works with Ar-Val’s R&D teams in order to put in place new, innovative solutions in order to best meet the needs of Ar-Val’s clients in the constantly-evolving field of waste sorting.
Dominique Godbille
As Organic Waste Solutions Manager for Ar-Val, Dominique Godbille will present municipal solid waste treatment: MSW sorting, composting and anaerobic digestion. Dominique is an agronomist engineer with more than 20 years of experience in the environmental sector. Dominique can recommend technologies for all budgets, quantities of waste and objectives: valorisation of material extracted from the waste, production of compost or biogas…
Mariia Sorokina
Co-founder re-beau. On my way to zero-waste living. Ex-CMO at PassivDom. Skills: Marketing, Global PR, Fashion Design.