April 2, 2018


Media release from 4-3-2018

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Welcome to the WasteInForum 2018 by Global Waste Innovations Forum!

April 16, Kyiv, Ukraine

Dear friends,

Now, we are starting the big journey from a small point. The Global Waste Innovations Forum is an initiative aimed to tackle a big issue as the lack of disrupting innovations in the waste management practice is, and the upcoming WasteInForum 2018 in Kyiv is this start point we going to turn the reality to new opportunities.

For the last two decades, waste problem has proven to be one of the biggest challenges in Ukraine. Nowadays, having over 38 000 waste polygons, the country possesses with only one waste-to-energy plant, which handles ridiculous 1/6 of garbage from Kyiv city.

Why has it gone so far?

The problem lies in absence of waste management market. ‘Who will pay?’ – has been the core question. Ukrainians got used not to think of things further than consumption moment; even more, when it comes to a ‘waste=resource’ paradigm.

In the near future (2018-2019) the market in waste handling & management area will be ‘created’ in Ukraine (as soon as submitted draft laws will be adopted). Numerous local authorities are already in search of optimal solution for their waste problem.

The increased activity of non-government organizations related to sustainability pushes environmental issues of waste on the first places of agenda for public institutions.

Therefore, we kindly invite your company to present waste management experience and technologies at #WasteInForum2018 in Kyiv on April 16, 2018.

Global Waste Innovations Forum is a continuous initiative to tackle the global problem of waste through:

  • implementation of the latest innovations into the everyday waste management practice;
  • creation of the new opportunities for the society, economy and development of infrastructure from the widespread sustainable approaches to waste management;
  • wide change in the mass culture, people attitude and behavior towards waste.

The Forum will contain four sections:

  • SDGs and Waste Innovations;
  • Landfills and Environment;
  • Waste Logistics and Processing;
  • Waste as a Resource and Circular Economy.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you in Kyiv in April!

Media contact:

+380443606770 wasteinforum@gmail.com